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by Deborah J. Stewart, M.Ed. on January 16, 2014

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We recently introduced the letter J in our classroom.  To work on recognizing this new letter and its sound, we played this super simple and ridiculously fun game…

J is for jump by Teach Preschool

Our morning began as it usually does with our circle time routine.  Mr. Hayden led the children in our hello song, reviewed the weather, and then introduced our newest letter of the alphabet: J…

J is for jump by Teach Preschool

Mr. Hayden then invited the children to stop by sometime throughout the day to come up and circle a J on our alphabet chart…

J is for jump by Teach Preschool

After introducing a new letter, we like to reinforce the children’s understanding with a fun game or activity.  This activity that we threw together for the letter Jj couldn’t possibly be any simpler to put together.  Mr. Hayden wrote out all of the letters that we have highlighted during circletime up until this point, A-J, on sentence strips.  He added in several extra Jj cards…

J is for jump by Teach Preschool

Mr. Hayden asked all of the children to stand up to play this game.  The children watched as he held up one card at a time.  If the card had the letter Jj on it, the children were supposed to jump…

J is for jump by Teach Preschool

If the letter was not a Jj, the children were to stand still…

J is for jump by Teach Preschool

This was such a great way to practice letter recognition!  The children were practicing their large motor skills by jumping.  They were practicing  listening and attention skills and self-control to know when to start and stop jumping.  All the while learning their new letter Jj and reviewing all of their other letters…

J is for jump by Teach Preschool

To catch a sneak peak of our Jj is for jump game, please click on the video below…

Super simple and super fun!

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