DIY Pumpkin Puzzles

by Deborah J. Stewart, M.Ed. on October 29, 2014

in DIY Pumpkin Puzzles, Halloween, Holiday Ideas

Pumpkin Puzzles

With the help of my preschool students, we came up with our own DIY pumpkin puzzles!


Let’s make pumpkin seed soup!

by Deborah J. Stewart, M.Ed. on October 28, 2014

in Pumpkin Seed Soup, Sensory Play

Pumpkin Seed Soup

Exploring pumpkins and then having fun exploring the seeds with pumpkin seed soup!


Dominoes on the tinker table

by Deborah J. Stewart, M.Ed. on October 23, 2014

in Dominoes on the Tinker Table, Mathematics

Dominoes are a wonderful tool for play and I have a collection of dominoes that I pull out every school year for the children to explore. On this particular day, the children spent time tinkering with dominoes on our tinker table…


Waterplay their way

by Deborah J. Stewart, M.Ed. on October 21, 2014

in Sensory Play, Water Play Their Way!


Following the children’s lead has led to new kinds of waterplay!


I have hands!

Thumbnail image for I have hands!

Exploring fingers and hands while the children enjoy the process of making their own handprints!

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Exploring letters with leaves

Exploring letters on Leaves!

Exploring the letters of the alphabet or even your child’s name with leaves!

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Fun with Fall Leaves!

Thumbnail image for Fun with Fall Leaves!

Today with our preschool class, we explored the different colors that the leaves change into as this season progresses, observing different greens, yellows, oranges, and even browns!

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It must be tummy time!

Thumbnail image for It must be tummy time!

I want my group times to be all about building community and in my mind, building community is all about being close together, being engaged in the process, being aware of each other as needed, and making any necessary adjustments as we go along.

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Writing thank you notes

Thumbnail image for Writing thank you notes

Creating thank you notes is a great way to invite students to show appreciation, develop writing skills, and think about what is important to them.

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Firetruck fun in preschool!

Thumbnail image for Firetruck fun in preschool!

Firetrucks is a favorite of our preschool age children. We explored firetrucks all throughout fire safety week both inside and outdoors!

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Stop, Drop, and Roll : Fire safety week in preschool

Thumbnail image for Stop, Drop, and Roll : Fire safety week in preschool

Our local fire department came out and shared with the children many different ways they can stay safe in a fire. We extended the concepts all throughout the week in our preschool classroom.

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Putting out fires with our DIY fire extinguishers!

Thumbnail image for Putting out fires with our DIY fire extinguishers!

We are coming to the end of our week on fire safety and let me tell you, it has been one busy week! I thought of so many ways we could explore fire safety and a hands down favorite of the week was putting out fires with our DIY fire extinguishers… I found a little fire fighter […]

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Sharing cookies : storytelling and creating

Thumbnail image for Sharing cookies : storytelling and creating

Reading a fun story about cookies, retelling the story then expanding on the topic of cookies as we made our own creative puffy paint cookies in preschool!

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More with math bags

Thumbnail image for More with math bags

Over the past four years, I have blogged off and on about our math bags so I thought I would bring a little update to our use of the math bags this year. To begin with, each of our students have their own math bag that they take home each week and fill with five […]

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Fall leaves at the light table

Thumbnail image for Fall leaves at the light table

A really good light table can make all the difference in the classroom experience of using a light table. I am sharing about our new light table and exploring fall leaves with our leaf windows!

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Bean bag bucket toss

Thumbnail image for Bean bag bucket toss

Playing the bean bag bucket toss game and exploring colors in our own unique way in my preschool classroom.

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