Exploring cornucopias

by Deborah J. Stewart, M.Ed. on November 25, 2013

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Holidays present a wonderful opportunity to expose our children to new ideas and vocabulary.  We recently explored a new word with our children as it relates to our  up and coming Thanksgiving feast.  That word was cornucopia…

Exploring cornucopias by Teach Preschool

With our Thanksgiving feast fast approaching, we wanted to explore the many different types of foods that are served at a traditional Thanksgiving meal.  The word cornucopia isn’t a word that we use very often.  It is a word that was unfamiliar to most of our children.  A cornucopia is also sometimes referred to as a “horn of plenty” and is a traditional Thanksgiving symbol…

Exploring cornucopias by Teach Preschool

On our large tray, we spread out many different types of play fruits and vegetables.  We also set out paper bags to use as our cornucopias.  The children pointed out some of their favorite fruits and vegetables and we discussed some that may have been unfamiliar to them like egg plant…

Exploring cornucopias by Teach Preschool

We then invited the children to fill their horns of plenty with all of the fruits and vegetables that they would like to eat at their Thanksgiving feast…

Exploring cornucopias by Teach Preschool

The children grabbed a bag and began filling their cornucopias to the brim…

Exploring cornucopias by Teach Preschool

This activity gave the children a chance to explore lots of new words and they were eager to tell us all about the contents of their cornucopias…

Exploring cornucopias by Teach Preschool

The play with our pretend fruits and vegetables continued all throughout the week as the children went to the grocery store…

Exploring cornucopias by Teach Preschool

We also found several books that talked about the kinds of foods people often eat at their Thanksgiving feasts including this fun book titled “One is a Feast for Mouse: A Thanksgiving Tale” by Judy Cox. This book is about a mouse who went off to gather as many left-overs as he could carry from the family table to enjoy a feast for a mouse…

Exploring cornucopias by Teach Preschool

The little mouse in our book tried to balance as many things from the Thanksgiving feast table as he could. He balanced things up high but soon it all came tumbling down to the floor and in the end, he was left with one little pea which was exactly just the right amount for a feast for one…

Exploring cornucopias by Teach Preschool

We used our pretend food to retell the story of the little mouse as we worked together to balance the food from our cornucopias on a plate just like the mouse did…

Exploring cornucopias by Teach Preschool

Keeping all that food from falling off the plate as we walked across the room was a very big challenge.  Perhaps, just like the mouse, we don’t need quite so much food for a feast after all!

Exploring cornucopias by Teach Preschool

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