Parachute basics: The hello game

by Deborah J. Stewart, M.Ed. on September 10, 2013

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The parachute is a wonderful way to introduce your students on how to work together to achieve a common goal. My students played the hello game as we learned the basics of how to use a parachute…

Parachute Basics by Teach Preschool

Anytime I introduce the parachute to a new group of students, we start with just the parachute. No balls or other extras so we can focus on how to hold on to the parachute and go up and down together…

Parachute basics: The hello game by Teach Preschool

First we begin our basic parachute training camp by sitting around the parachute and holding on to our strap. I like to encourage the children to use two hands to hold on so that they have a better grip and to stay facing forward to the parachute but I am not a stickler – just an encourager…

Parachute basics: The hello game by Teach Preschool

Once the children get their spot and have a grip on the parachute, we wave the parachute up and down with small movements then stop. Then bigger movements and stop.  I don’t want to spoil their fun but in order to move onto the bigger fun, I have to help the children learn to listen to me while they are waving the parachute or we will not be able to successfully work together. Next, we get up to our feet and wave our parachute again…

Parachute basics: The hello game by Teach Preschool

This is about the time things will start to fall apart and you have to reel them in a bit and start again. It’s pretty funny to see us all wonky trying to wave that parachute together and not let go. It is so hard not to want to run under or let go but with a little coaching from me, the children got the hang of it and we were ready for the big finale and that was when we played the “Hello” game…

Parachute basics: The hello game by Teach Preschool

The children start with hands and arms down low. Then we all lift up together and shout “Hello” to each other under the parachute. Sometimes, I use the words “Pop, Pop, Popcorn” and we lift on popcorn and other times I count “1, 2, Hello!”  This group rocked at the hello game and wanted to change the word “hello” to “hot dog” so we shouted “hot dog!”…

Parachute basics: The hello game by Teach Preschool

Lots of giggles and funny new words were added to our game. One more time without the balls, then I think we can begin the next phase of parachute boot camp…

Parachute basics: The hello game by Teach Preschool

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