DIY fingerprint paint pads and bugs

I love all the different bugs, animals, people, and other designs you can make through the use of fingerprint art and recently, I found a way to make the fingerprint painting process a better experience for the children by making my own DIY fingerprint paint pads…

DIY Fingerprint Paint Pads

I have tried different kinds of painting pads for printing and even washable ink stamp pads for printing but trying to add just the right amount of paint to my paint pads or keeping the colors of my ink stamp pads from getting all mixed up and mucky has been a challenge…

DIY Fingerprint Paint Pads by Teach Preschool

So I tried a new type of paint pad. I picked up a few packages of “Handy Shammy” from the Dollar Tree…

DIY Fingerprint Paint Pads by Teach Preschool

Cut a shammy into smaller pieces then get them wet and wring out the water. Next add a small puddle of paint on top of each piece of shammy and rub it in with your finger or a paint brush. I just used my finger…

DIY Fingerprint Paint Pads by Teach Preschool

And now you have a paint pad that absorbs the paint just a bit but keeps the paint usable for print making. If the paint on the shammy starts to get all used up, just add a little more and rub it in again. We didn’t have to add more paint but it would have been no problem to do so…

DIY Fingerprint Paint Pads by Teach Preschool

We used our paint pads for two different projects in preparation for our Mother’s Day Tea party including making place cards for our tables…

DIY Fingerprint Paint Pads by Teach Preschool

And for decorating our gift bags for our parent gifts. Because the paint doesn’t go onto the paper too thick, the children could go ahead and add their legs or faces or other features to their fingerprints without having to wait for the paint to dry…

DIY Fingerprint Paint Pads by Teach Preschool

When finished, the pieces of shammy can be rinsed out and set aside to dry for use again or just tossed in the trash if you are in a place where you need a quick paint pad but don’t want to save them when you are done. And mixing the colors on the shammy paint pads can be part of the fun without having to worry about having mucky colors or ruining your expensive ink stamp pads…

DIY Fingerprint Paint Pads by Teach Preschool

Oh, and we supplied small pieces of damp paper towels for those who preferred to wipe their fingers off between colors but not every child was all that worried about it…

DIY Fingerprint Paint Pads by Teach Preschool

By the way, I have only tried this with the Shammy from the Dollar Tree so it may work differently depending on the kind of shammy you would buy and I haven’t tried adding paint to a dry shammy – only a wet one.

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  1. Crystal says

    Can these be stored with paint on them for a later time or day? Similar to stamp pads? Also, can they be used with stamps??

    • Deborah J. Stewart, M.Ed. says

      All great questions. I suppose they could be stored with paint on them but they might dry out. I haven’t tried storing them yet so I would have to experiment a bit to know for sure. And as far as stamps, I would imagine they would work well with stamps. They certainly did well with finger prints but again, I would have to play around more with them to know for sure.

    • says

      I place squares of felt in little rubbermaid boxes and then add paint over it. That way, it can be stored for later use and ours do work well with stamps :)

  2. Gini says

    LoveThisIdea. WhatKindOfPaintDidYouUse? SorryAboutCaps, WritingFromPhoneIsWonky.

  3. Barbara Sullivan says

    I just wanted to thank you for sharing your great ideas! Last week we made your “greenhouses” to sprout bean seeds. The simple house shape really enhanced the children’s attention to their seeds, as opposed to just taping the bag in the window. They ran to check on their seeds upon arrival every day! Each child made a little book / journal, drawing their beans as they looked on Mon, Weds, Fri, etc., and compared and contrasted the growth in each other’s greenhouse. Again, thank you! Barbara, a child care provider

    • Deborah J. Stewart, M.Ed. says

      That is so awesome Barbara. I love how the children kept a journal! I am going to have to borrow that idea from you!