Winter Wonderland: Snowman in a Bag

by Deborah J. Stewart, M.Ed. on January 22, 2013

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I am joining in the Winter Wonderland blog hop today by adding this fun little snowman in a bag to the many other wonderful ideas I am sure will be shared by my fellow bloggers.  You can see what the others are sharing at the end of this post so be sure to read to the end…

Our snow has melted but chances are it will come back again very soon. But if the snow returns, we will be ready for some fun and simple snowman in a bag science…

Snowman in a Bag by Teach Preschool

This process is similar to our snowman in a bottle but if you didn’t have a bottle on hand, then gather up a baggie, some buttons, a snowman nose, and some snow and you are all set to go…

Snowman in a Bag by Teach Preschool

Place just just a couple of large spoon fulls of snow is all you need in the bag and then lay the bag flat.  Press and pack the snow so it stays flat and then arrange your button eyes and nose on the snow to make a snowman face.  Press the buttons and nose firmly into the snow…

Snowman in a Bag by Teach Preschool

Tape the snowman in a bag to a window so it can get some sunlight and let the melting begin…

Snowman in a Bag by Teach Preschool

Here’s what my snowman looked like after about 30 minutes…

Snowman in a Bag by Teach Preschool

And after about 1 hour…

Snow Activities 042

After about 1 hour 30 minutes…

Snowman in a Bag by Teach Preschool

And about 2 hours later…

Snow Activities 064

A very simple way to explore the melting of snow. Did you notice that bag seems much less full with the snow melted than before? And did you notice that the nose floats but the buttons sink?  And did you notice that snowman moved down the bag as it melted?  And did you notice that all that is left of the snowman is a bag of water?

Snowman in a Bag by Teach Preschool

If you want the printable to go with the snowman in a bag, just click here: Snowman Science by Teach Preschool

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