Winter time tour around the preschool classroom

by Deborah J. Stewart, M.Ed. on January 12, 2013

in Around the Classroom

Winter time is such a busy season with so many wonderful things to do and so today, I am sharing an overview of some of the things we have been exploring in our classroom…

We had a visit from Chris at Silly Safari who brought some beautiful animals to share with the children….

Classroom Animal Visitors by Teach Preschool

Shhhh, be sure to be quiet when walking by our hibernating bears. They are sleeping until spring!…

Hibernating Bears by Teach Preschool

Playing a little “I Spy” with our math tokens we have saved this year…

Math Trays by Teach Preschool

Cooking up some dinner…

Cooking up some dinner by Teach Preschool

Reading with a friend is so much fun…

Reading together by Teach Preschool

Brrrr! These icicles are cold on our hands…

Exploring Icicles by Teach Preschool

How about a little light table geometry…

Exploring the light table by Teach Preschool

Who has built the tallest or shortest snowman tower?

Snowman Towers by Teach Preschool

What happens when water freezes? ….

Classroom magazine by Teach Preschool

What happens when our snowman melts?…

Snowman Bottles by Teach Preschool

Melting Snowman by Teach Preschool

A rainbow of colors in our snow…

Snow science by Teach Preschool

A snowman snack…

Snowman Snack in a Bag by Teach Preschool

Documenting our snowman explorations in our journals…

Snowman Journals by Teach Preschool

I hope you enjoyed this brief look all around our classroom today!  I will be back very soon with more!

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