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by Deborah J. Stewart, M.Ed. on October 25, 2012

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We recently read the book titled “Lots of Dots” by Craig Frazier and then followed up the book with this super simple but bright and colorful art activity….

“Lots of Dots” by Craig Frazier is a wonderfully illustrated book about how dots can be found just about everywhere you go.  After reading this book, you just can’t help but be inspired to head over to the art table to explore a little dot painting of your own…

At the table, the children found paper plates with dots of different colors of paint and a dot sponge brush all set out for painting…

The children used their dot sponge brush to add lots of dots all over their white piece of paper…

You might be wondering if the colors will mix together since we only used one dot sponge brush per set of paints and the answer is… well , yes – kind of…

Because this is a sponge brush, the paint doesn’t quite stick on or absorb up into the brush like it might a regular paint brush. So the paint often begins to mix together around the edges of the brush but not in the center of the dot brush. As you make dots on the paper, most of the color currently on the bottom of the sponge tends to rub off – so you still get lots of different colors of dots with a touch of color mixing around the edges…

This was an extremely simple activity to put together and an easy process for the children just to relax and enjoy.  In addition, this process went perfectly with the cover of our “Lots of Dots” book. I set the book out on the table to inspire the children to make lots of dots of their own…

I previously shared a photo of this activity on my Facebook Page and someone asked me if this activity is messy.  In my mind, this is about the least messy painting activity you can do but I am sure that depends on the age of your students, how often they paint, how much paint you use, and if they like to get messy or not.  Compared to many of the other activities we do in my classroom, this painting process was fairly mild when it comes to the mess meter…

I had to admire all of our paintings after the children were done because they were so colorful and beautiful no matter how many dots a child chose to add to their paper and our classroom was definitely filled with lots of dots…

By the way, you can purchase the dot sponge brushes in the craft or scrapbook section of most stores. I think I picked my set up from Walmart or Michaels or both!

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