Drip drop painting at the easel

by Deborah J. Stewart, M.Ed. on September 12, 2012

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We keep a whole set of pipettes in our outdoor classroom for all sorts of exploration and so today, we set the pipettes out at the easel for the children to practice using the pipettes through a little drip drop painting…

We set out four colors of liquid tempera paint and added just a tiny bit of water to each color so the paint would flow through the pipettes a little easier.  Not a lot of water, just a tiny bit…

I often needed to stop by the easel when a child began to paint to show them how to squeeze the pipette first then set it down into the paint and let go so the paint would suck up into the pipette…

Some of our students stayed at the easel for a very long time exploring the pipettes and the drip drop painting process…

And like most days, we often had two or more children at the easel painting together…

The one thing I didn’t think of was to add a tray or towel under the easel to catch the drops of paint that landed on the floor.  It washed up easily enough at the end of the day but perhaps if you try this, you will want to add something to catch the paint as it drips down to the floor…

I know many of you will ask –  “Did they squirt the paint at each other?”  I suppose this is possible but my students stayed highly engaged in this process and only squeezed the paint onto the paper….

Some of the children decided they enjoyed this so much that they came back to the easel to drip drop paint several times…

This little one liked it so much that she decided to pull up a chair and stay awhile! Soon, she decided it was easier to reach her paper if she stood at the easel, but when you want to make yourself comfortable – you have to at least give it a try….

If you don’t have pipettes, you can see a link below as to where pipettes are available on Amazon. So who out there is brave enough to try this with me? I mean – look at how those kids are focused on the process – absolutely remarkable!

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