How to draw your mother!

by Deborah J. Stewart, M.Ed. on May 13, 2012

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Part of our Mother’s Day gifts included a drawing of our moms.  To help my young children draw a mother, I drew my own mom (sorry mom for the final results:) ….

As I drew my mom, we talked about how my mom has a head, and a neck, and arms, and a body, and legs, and feet…

Then I mentioned other attributes of my mother. I shared with the children how my mom has white curly hair and a big smile…

And how my mom sometimes wears glasses to read…

As I made the drawing of my mother, I integrated the reading of this very sweet book titled, “The Dress I’ll Wear to the Party” by Shirley Neitzel.  This book is about a little girl getting ready for her party but she is borrowing all of her mom’s things to wear to the party.

We talked about the book and what is happening and then as the little girl added new things to her attire, we added them to my mom’s drawing as well. Below, I am giving my mom a ring to wear to her party. I also added a purse and a bow and other items just like they show in the book (with my limited artistic skills:)…

Afterwards, the children went off to draw their own moms. They interpreted the drawing lesson in their own way which is what I want to see them do…

As a side note about drawing people, I was told at a recent conference by Lisa Murphy, the ooey gooey lady that children do not naturally draw stick figures but they are taught to draw stick figures. I didn’t know that! So this is why I demonstrated drawing a few body parts rather than a stick figure…

I also want you to know that we used special crayons for this occasion because they leave much better color on the paper. We used Crayola Oil Pastels for our drawings…

The children loved the results of these crayons and spent more time working on their drawings. One of my students drew three different versions of her mom…

After our drawings were all finished, the children dictated to Miss Abby and I why they loved their moms. Then we hung our pictures up for our Mother’s Day Tea party.  After all, we now had our moms all dressed up in the dress they would wear to our party!

Have a Happy Mother’s Day Mom!

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