Parts of a bird nest in a nature bottle

by Deborah J. Stewart, M.Ed. on April 27, 2012

in DIY, Nature Bottles, Parts of a Bird Nest, Science and Nature

Around by the back door, I discovered a birdnest tucked up on top of this lamp.  I took the children on a little walk so we could see the birdnest and talk about what kinds of things the bird had used to make the nest…

We discovered that the bird nest had straw and leaves and even some unusual items stuck in like pieces of plastic. It was a good opportunity for the children to see what happens when birds find trash left outside…

After examining our bird nest, the children went around and found items they might use if making their own bird nest…

Each child was given two plastic bottles. In one bottle, they were given a specific part of a birdnest to collect such as sticks, leaves, or flowers. In the other bottle, the children could collect anything of nature they wanted….

This little guy was on a hunt for leaves…

And this little guy was on a hunt for rocks (even though birds may not use rocks in their nest, we decided it would be fun to add a nature bottle with rocks too)…

Once all the children had filled their bottles with items from nature, we took the bottles back inside to take a closer look at our findings…

For our parts of a bird nest bottle collection, we filled each bottle with water and then hot glued a lid on to keep the water and the collections in place.  For the other bottles, the children added a lid but no water so they could go ahead and take them home at the end of the day…

By the next day, some of the water in our nature bottles had changed color. Our water in the bottle with the brown leaves turned a soft yellow. The “parts of a bird nest” nature bottles made a lovely addition to our classroom…

In my next post, I will share with you more on how we used our bottles to talk about the parts of a bird nest in circletime!

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