Making tissue paper heart collages in preschool

by Deborah J. Stewart, M.Ed. on February 11, 2012

in Creative Art, Tissue paper heart collage, Valentine's Day

I have this wonderful stack of brightly colored tissue paper all saved up and perfect for making a colorful collage…

I set out a bunch of tissue paper hearts in a variety of sizes and colors along with the colorful Glue Paint that I shared how to make yesterday: See How to make Glue Paint here!  The children started by painting glue on their paper….

It didn’t matter which color of glue paint they used and how many different colors they used. Once they painted some glue on their paper, then they started adding tissue paper hearts on the glue paint…

Each child took their own approach to this, some children painted all of their paper then added the hearts and others painted a little area, added a heart and then painted some more…

The children learned that if a tissue paper heart tore to just put another one on top of it and add more glue paint.  The tissue paper hearts can be layered one on top of the other by using the glue paint as needed to hold the tissue paper in place…

And no need to worry about wrinkles either – the glue paint added on top of the tissue paper hearts will smooth out the hearts leaving a wonderful design of hearts on the paper….

In other words – add glue paint, hearts, more glue paint, more hearts, more glue paint on top!

If you have excess glue – just add more hearts to soak it all up or set it all aside and the glue will soon dry…

Once the children completed their glue painted heart collages, we encouraged them to add their own names to the paper then set them aside to dry…

The glue paint dries very quickly and results in hearts that are very stiff to the touch…

I think if you try this on wax paper – it just might work as well and then you would have a beautiful heart suncatcher!  I wish I would have thought of that sooner)…


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