We read Harold and the purple crayon in preschool

by Deborah J. Stewart, M.Ed. on January 31, 2012

in Children's Books, Harold and the Purple Crayon

For a little purple fun, we read “Harold and the Purple Crayon” and then we had some coloring fun of our own…

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After reading the book, I gave each child a length of purple yarn to make their own “purple lines” with on the floor….

We made circles, loops, and some of the children asked if they could cut their yarn to make smaller shapes and letters….

I was hoping to make one long purple shape together, but the children preferred to make their own shapes in their own space, so I just went with it…

Once we were ready to move on, I invited the children to use a purple crayon to go and draw on our wall just like Harold did…

Don’t worry, we had a large sheet of paper on the wall and before the children went off to color, we spent a few minutes talking about whether we should color on the paper or on our real wall…

I meant to go back and take a photo of our final drawings – some of them turned out quite good.  Perhaps I can come back and add the photo before I take the Purple Crayon drawing down from the wall.  I thought I would leave the paper there and let the children continue to add to it for awhile…

Since Harold’s drawings took up his whole room, we also had crayons on the table for the children to continue their drawings around the room.  The children asked if they could use other colors besides purple so I set out the whole basket of crayons for them to use…

I guess coloring with only one purple crayon isn’t all that exciting but coloring on the walls and the table can be quite a fun idea – Miss Abby even joined in on the fun too!!

I think next time I will add paper to the floor too so we can have coloring going on all around us!



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