Going on a lion hunt in preschool

In my previous post, I shared with you how to make a lion. This post should have probably come first because we read the story “We’re Going on a Lion Hunt” by Margery Cuyler before making our lions..

This is a super fun book presented in the similar style of the old familiar chant “Going on a Bear Hunt.”

After reading the book, we went outside on our own lion hunt…

We brought the book with us so we could see if we might come across some of the same obstacles that the children in the book came across…

To add to our lion hunt adventure, we hid two little sponge lion puppets in the yard for the children to try and find…

It was quite chili outside, so after finding the lion puppets about 4 times, we headed back indoors and then we made our painted lion heads


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    my kids are in LOVE with the bear hunt book…im going to HAVE to get this book!! thanks for sharing!!! and pretty sure we will have to do your how to make a lion as well!!!!! You ROCK!!!