Gingerbread shapes and paper houses for preschool

by Deborah J. Stewart, M.Ed. on December 10, 2011

in Christmas, Construction Paper Gingerbread Houses

I have to confess, but this is the first year I have ever tried introducing a gingerbread unit in my classroom and I can’t believe what I have been missing….

From gingerbread houses to the gingerbread man to sensory, senses, creative art, math, science – the activities you can do are endless….

For a little taste of gingerbread math, I created these gingerbread houses with shapes that matched the shapes of buttons and pattern blocks I have on hand. I set it all out on the table for the children to explore…

This was super easy for most of my students but they liked the idea of decorating the house since we have been reading about and creating gingerbread houses over the past several days…

Some of my students asked if they could color and stamp shapes on the houses too – I had made plenty of house shapes, so I let them have at it…

At the other table, and on the same day, I set out construction paper house shapes for the children to decorate…

I have a whole basket of left over shapes of all sizes. The children cut the scraps of paper into smaller sizes as they wished and glued them on brown construction paper gingerbread house shapes…

The children kept going back over to the art shelf to choose a different tool they wished to use.  They had out scissors, hole punches, crayons, glue, glue sticks, and I am not sure what else.  This was a simple idea and adding different tools from the art center made the process much more interesting…

I have noticed that my students are becoming more capable at using all the materials we have on our art shelf. They can be trusted to use all the items they select responsibly because they have been given the opportunity to use them so often throughout the school year…

I just loved their construction paper gingerbread houses and the children let me display them on the board – often times, they really want to take their artwork home so my board can start looking a little lonely…

So many colors, so many ways to decorate their houses…

Art in action

My art board doesn’t look so lonely now!

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