Easy recipe for slime brought to you by our preschoolers

by Deborah J. Stewart, M.Ed. on August 30, 2011

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As promised on my facebook page, I am sharing my secret recipe for making slime or gak or whatever you want to call it. There may be a difference in those terms but I don’t know what it is….

My recipe isn’t really my secret alone – it is a recipe I have used for years so it is tried and tested by preschoolers all over…

The recipe is simple…

One Part Elmers Glue

One Part Liquid Starch

A few drops of food color of your choice to add some color!

(For each pile of slime you see in these photos we used 1/2 cup of glue and 1/2 cup of liquid starch)

Tips for making it great…

1. Begin by pouring your liquid starch in a bowl….

2. Now add your glue…

3. Next add a few drops of food color (or whatever you choose to make color with) we used food color gel…

4. Now stir it up until it starts to get all blended together.  The glue will tend to clump and separate and it will look runny and feel runny. This is okay – just keep stirring. We used a plastic spoon and stirred for about 1 or 2 minutes…

5. Once it is pretty good and mixed up, stick in your hands and knead the glue into the starch some more. Yes, this will feel slimy and sticky right now – but it gets better.  Have a bucket of water handy with a towel to rinse hands and dry them….

6. Take out the slime and now knead it on a dry plastic tray or table top.

Notes to remember:

    • If it is too sticky, dip it back into the remaining liquid starch and then knead on your tray some more.
    • If it is not sticky any more but just too gooey (or wet) – then rinse it off with a little water and knead the slime on the tray for again.
    • After a little air time, the slime will get nice and pliable and less gooey.
    • It needs about 5 minutes of air time and play time for the gooey (or wetness) to go away.



The slime will rub off of most plastic toys but I don’t recommend playing with it on carpet :)


As you can see from the photos I have shared, there are lots of ways to play with slime!

Our favorite ways include using our hands to squish and stretch and using scissors to cut the slime…

Oh – and did you notice that some of my fabulous trays are actually lids from a plastic container? I forgot to bring extra trays so I improvised – they worked out great…


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