Preschool science and sensory with balloons and water

by Deborah J. Stewart, M.Ed. on July 31, 2011

in water and Balloons

This week, we have been exploring water balloons. Before I share this activity with you – let me remind everyone that there are wonderful opportunities for learning with balloons but you have to be watchful and remind young children not to put them in their mouths while they play. Under the right supervision, this activity is really fun for preschoolers…

This was an exploration of hot and cold, sink and float, as well as a little sensory play in the process. To begin this activity, I partially filled a few balloons with some warm water…

As I tied off each water-filled balloon, I handed it off to Wy and he would take it over to the table and place it in a tin foil cake pan filled part way up with cold water…

While waiting for me to fill up more balloons, Wy explored the feel of the balloons. He tried squeezing them and even flattening them like play dough. Because the balloons only had a small amount of water in them and because they were stronger balloons (not thin water balloons), they didn’t pop or burst…

I placed a second cake pan of warm water down next to the pan of cold water and Wy transferred the balloons back and forth from one pan to the other…


After a little time, Wy placed all the balloons in the warm water. Wy preferred playing in the warm water over the cold water. As Wy played, he used the words “warm” “hot” and “cold” often…

Towards the end of Wy’s play, I added a few balloons filled with air. Wy dropped them in the water too and noticed easily that they floated on top of the water. He tried pushing them down in the water but they popped right back up. I mentioned the words, “floating and sinking” through conversation as Wy explored the two different types of balloons…

Because Wy is only 2 1/2 years old, he did not seem to quite grasp the words “float” and “sink”. He really didn’t seem to care for this part of the activity very much. He preferred the balloons that would sink into the water and felt squishy to the touch…

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