DIY: Make your own tabletop easels for preschool

by Deborah J. Stewart, M.Ed. on July 9, 2011

in DIY, Tabletop Easels

I have been hanging on to a stack of left-over boxes trying to decide what I could do with them. I am terrible about throwing something like this away so I decided to try making my own tabletop easels…

I had already cut the boxes into pieces and so I started with the boxes all flattened out with the extra flaps cut away leaving me with a set of long, rectangular, cardboard strips.

I took the cardboard strips outside and painted them with fast drying high gloss spray paint. Painting the strips isn’t something that has to be done but I had a bunch of paint left over from a previous project and thought it would be fun to add some color…

Once my pieces were dry, I folded each cardboard strip into three parts and then taped the ends together with a strip of colorful duct tape…

So this is what I had completed so far…

To finish off the tabletop easels, I added a clothespin to the top of each easel for holding the paper…

The clothespins were attached to the easels with Velcro…

Now that my easels were all completed, I put paper on each one and set them out ready for the children to give them a try. The children can try a variety of tools like crayons…

And watercolor paints…

The easels don’t just have to stay on a table. We will try them on the floor and outside too!

The one tip I can already share with you is to be sure to select fairly heavy boxes for the easels so that they will hold up under a bit of pressure. I think mine just might need a little reinforcement but we will see how it goes!

Update: See these easels in action by clicking here!

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