Last minute valentine collage for prekindergarten

by Deborah J. Stewart, M.Ed. on February 13, 2011

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I titled this for prekindergarten but any child that has the fine motor skills to do this activity will be able to whip it up fairly quickly.  All you need is some construction paper strips to make the hearts and some glue if you want to put the hearts on a piece of paper to make a collage of hearts.

I was literally just sitting here reading through all the new blog posts that are out there when this idea by Lightly Enchanted popped up at me. I sat and tried it right there on my desk to find out…

As I read the post by Lightly Enchanted, I wandered how hard it would be to just make simple hearts out of construction paper strips instead…

I used different lengths and widths of paper strips to see how they would turn out.

[The shorter the length and thinner the width of paper – the more challenging it is to manipulate the paper]

Start off by folding a long, thin strip of construction paper in half then open back up…

Now roll one side of the strip towards the folded center and stop before you get to the center…

Next roll the other side towards the center fold and stop…

Now stretch the curled sides back out so they are not so tight and let go. Pinch the folded middle in tight one more time and you have a heart!

Some of my hearts were skinny, some long, some short and as I looked at them I thought they would make a beautiful 3-D collage so I glued them on a paper candy heart insert that I had left over from one of my valentine boxes that I wrote about the other day:)

Now I have this beautiful collage to adorn my desk and a quick little something to keep hands constructively occupied if we run out of valentine candy, games, cards, and more tomorrow! LOL!

I am linking this up at the last minute with No Time for Flashcards!

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