Spectacular styrofoam snowman preschool craft

by Deborah J. Stewart, M.Ed. on January 1, 2011

in Creative Art, snowman, Winter Art

Wy came over on New Year’s eve so his mommy and daddy could have a night out with their friends. Soooo, while he was here – we had fun making lots of goodies including this spectacular styrofoam snowman :)

I happened to have one black Styrofoam tray and one smaller white Styrofoam tray saved and decided it would make a fun snowman craft…

To begin, I cut off the edges of the white tray into long strips and handed the strips to Wy. I showed him how he can use his hands to snap the Styrofoam strips into little pieces…

Wy really enjoyed snapping the strips into pieces. They made a nice “pop” as he bent the strips and it was easy for Wy to break the pieces apart…

After Wy snapped the Styrofoam strips into tiny pieces, I cut the the middle part of the white tray into the shape of a snowman…

Only problem was, when I handed the snowman shape to Wy he didn’t understand what it was – I hadn’t really explained this part of the process to him – so he immediately snapped the head off the snowman too! I was like – “Wait a minute Wy – that is going to be our snowman!”

We then poured a generous amount of glue onto the black Styrofoam tray. Wy put the snowman back together on the black tray by sticking it onto the glue…

Next we poured more glue all around the inside edges of the black tray and Wy began adding the little white Styrofoam pieces he had broke apart for the “snowflakes”.

For this project, it seemed that the more glue used the better. Wy liked rubbing the “snowflakes” around in the glue at first. Then we added more glue and I encouraged him to add more “snowflakes” to the picture…

Wy really began to get the hang of things now and kept adding until most of the Styrofoam snowflakes were glued onto the black tray…

Wy stayed completely engaged in this whole process – he is really growing up!

After Wy put the last of the white pieces on the black tray, I added a few features to the snowman with a permanent marker so Wy could see the snowman in its finished form a little better…

I want you to know that when we started this whole process, I had no idea how we were going to go about it. But when I accidentally snapped off one side of the white Styrofoam tray, I realized that Wy would enjoy doing the snapping too.

I am definitely going to try this process in the future with other shapes and colors of Styrofoam trays. The fine motor aspect of snapping the Styrofoam was a great activity for Wy and the textured finish turned out to be adorable.

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