Making lid soup at home with a two year old

I had a surprise visit from little Wy this week and we needed something to do so I set out the little table and chairs I keep in my office and a basket of dishes for us to play with…

Wy set out all the dishes and that is when I realized that we need something more to do than just set a table so I pulled out my plastic jar where I have been saving lids and Wy quickly dumped the lids out on the table…

Then Wy began putting the lids in each of the dishes and that is when I realized we needed a bowl so we could make lid soup…

So we gathered all our lids and put them in the bowl. Wy used his spoons to stir up the lid soup and I tried to show him how to pick up lids with the spoon and serve the lids back into the bowls…

But the spoon Wy was using was really too small for the task so Wy lost interest and decided he rather just play with the large plastic jar…

While Wy continued to play with the dishes at the table, I began to wash my real dishes in the kitchen. Wy came to me with the little pitcher and decided he needed some milk in it. I put “milk” (water) in the pitcher for him and our play now moved to some light water play. My floors needed cleaned anyway so I figured what’s a little water!

Wy played with the dishes and lids and water for a good long time before he decided to move onto something else. Oh, and together we learned how to pretend to eat our lid soup then rub our tummies and say “Yum!”

He is such a sweetie pie:)   I am linking our play up to Childhood 101: We Play!


    • Deborah J. Stewart says

      Haha, it was fun watching him learn how to pretend to eat the soup. He copied me exactly:)

  1. says

    yum, lid soup. Delish! lol
    I love these kinds of activities because it keeps them occupied for so long (and with 2 very young ones here, I sometimes need something that will keep them occupied– other than TV!)

  2. says

    Well, this is just great! I’ve been collecting my bottle caps and tops for a while, and now I know what to do with them! Thanks for posting = )