Preschool game: Don’t get caught in the spider web!

Another game that was played during our Halloween party was the spider web game. To make this game, the teacher starts by having the children pass a ball of yarn around the circle. Then the children hold on to the yarn and pass it across the circle – going back and forth until we have a spider web.

The challenging part of this game is for the children to remember to hold on tightly to their side or piece of yarn. Once the spider web is ready, it is now time to catch our prey!

We keep the spider web down on the floor and one child walks into the middle of the web then we all lift up together to catch him!


    • Deborah J. Stewart says

      We have done the spider web game every year and I try it all kinds of ways but we always like to catch someone in the web. This is the first year we let the children get into the web. Usually we get it all ready and catch a grown up from the office or another teacher. The teacher will come in pretending not to notice the web and we “catch her” ! The kids all think it is really funny!

    • Deborah J. Stewart says

      Thank you Jenni – I use this a couple of times each year and it is always a success – a little work to show them how to do it at first but then it all goes well:)