We made piggies in preschool

This week the children have been making all kinds of animals and vegetables that can be found at the Indiana State Fair.  Where it is possible, it is always a good idea to help preschoolers connect the dots between what is going on in their community, home, and at school.

Today, we made piggies!

We started by painting a paper plate with a paint mixture of paint and glue.  By adding glue to the paint, it allows the children to add construction paper pieces to their painting without having to wait for the paint to dry.

The glue mixed into the paint will make the construction paper pieces stick to the paper plate once everything dries.

Once the plate was all pretty in pink, we added pink piggy features….

Pink piggy ears…

A pink piggy nose…

Piggy eyes…

Piggy nose holes!

And here we have it…

A Pink Pig!

If you’re going to make a pink piggy, then you should read a piggy book too…

“If You Give A Pig A Party” by Laura Numeroff

One of my favorites!


  1. says

    Once again really cute! I do crafts with paper plates all the time – really easy resource. I use them for our insects unit, i.e. ladybugs and bees (coccinelle e api).
    Congratulations on your Blogging award – you certainly deserve it!

  2. says

    Great idea and it looks very simple! I would have tried this today but I am all out of glue. As soon as I buy more this is the activity we will be doing. Thanks for sharing Deborah!