Handmade paint brushes for preschool

This summer, the students explored paint brushes. The goal was to give the children opportunity to discover the different textures, designs, and look that they could achieve as they used each style of paint brush.

The paint brushes were made from a variety of materials including….

  • construction paper
  • feathers
  • yarn
  • bubble wrap

…and pipe cleaners

I wasn’t able to catch each class in the action of using most of the paint brushes but I did capture this class using one of the pipe cleaner paint brushes…

Two colors of paint was set out to start with.

I found that many of the children would start off taking their time and their artwork began to show beautiful design work.

But the children were enjoying ┬áthe painting process and so eventually….

….Their designs turned out more like this.

And some just loved how the brush would swirl the paint.

Others just wanted to explore the mixture of the two colors.

Every little artist had their own preference and style.

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  1. says

    We really enjoy experimenting with different tools when it comes to creating and painting. The children in your class would have created so many interesting effects with all of the different supplies you had on hand – what fun!

  2. says

    Some really great ideas. We made brushes from newspaper, similar to the paper one above. (Roll into a tube and tape. Fringe one edge.)

  3. says

    thank you so much for posting this awesome idea. I’ve been wanting to do something different with popsicle sticks and this is just great! thanks :)