Create a name game for your preschoolers

Some names are long and some are short. Play this little concentration game to help your preschoolers recognize their own name and the names of their classmates.

To prepared the game…
  1. Print each child’s name (upper and lower case) on a two separate sentence strips.
  2. Cut one name apart leaving one letter of each child’s name on a card.
To play the game…
  1. Mix all the letter cards of each child’s name that is participating.
  2. Turn all the letter cards over in the center of the table.
  3. Have the children place their name card in front of them.
  4. Each child takes a turn drawing a card.
  5. If the card they turn over is a letter in his or her name then they keep the card and put it on or under their name card.
  6. Keep playing until everyone has found the letters in their name.
    This isn’t a win or lose game – the idea is to have the children help each other find, recognize, and build their name one letter at a time!