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The Routine Roundup contains 6 different workshops all taught by Deborah Stewart. M.Ed.. Deborah has been teaching and managing preschool environments for over 25 years. Each workshop is at least 1 hour long and include downloadable handouts. The topics covered are: Question of the Day, Sign-In Please, Success with a Center Tour, Clean-Up Time, Snack Time and For the Love of Reading. In addition you get our Routines that Rock workshop which is also included in our Foundation Series

Simple Songs for the Classroom

This collection of simple songs will inspire children’s imagination through singing and role play. But watch out, you might just get stung by that busy bee!

Invite your little ones to hop, wiggle, and dance with these simple action songs for preschool!

Each new season brings natural and fun opportunities for discussion, play, exploration, and singing! Ignite children’s joy for singing with these simple songs all year long.

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