About Deborah

Welcome to Teach Preschool. I hope you will find my blog to be a helpful resource for you as you seek to teach young children in a classroom or home setting.

~Deborah J. Stewart, M.Ed.

A little bit about me…

I graduated with honors with an associate degree in early childhood education, a bachelor degree in human services and management, and a master degree in early childhood education. I am an avid believer in life-long learning and do my very best to practice this through ongoing education, research, and study.

My Preschool

I have my own part time private preschool called “The Children’s Studio” located in a small town in Indiana.  The studio is also my own private lab school. It is the classroom where I apply the skills and knowledge I have gained over the years as well as where I observe early learning in action. My students range from ages three to five and come to my preschool two to three days a week.  My teaching assistant and I observe the children as they play and learn and photograph their learning in action to share with you on my Teach Preschool blog.

My Staff

I am fortunate to work with an amazing set of teachers! Below is Miss Courtney, Miss Abby, and Miss Lauren. They are the team that I rely on to keep us organized in the classroom and on the blog!

My Book

I am also the author of the book “Ready for Kindergarten” which is available on Amazon. You can learn more about my book by clicking here!

My Passion

I am a teacher who is always learning and growing so as you read my blog, you will see that I am also always changing my approach towards teaching based upon what I believe my students need from me and what I am currently learning about best practices in early childhood education.  I believe the best learning takes place through meaningful play and exploration so I fill my small classroom environment with opportunities for the children to explore new and interesting processes and materials every single day.

My Grandchildren

My bio wouldn’t be complete without also sharing a photo of my three grandchildren with you! Being a grandma “Mema” has been probably the most eye-opening learning experience in all of my teaching career. It has made me a better person and teacher in every way possible.

Contact Deborah

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Thank you for following along with me!