We made shapely fire trucks in preschool

We made shapely fire trucks in preschool

We haven’t done much with construction paper art this year so I decided to invite the children to explore the process of making a fire truck with construction paper shapes. I set out the different construction paper shapes on a tray for the children to use. The children selected the shapes they needed for their fire trucks…

We also tried using our glue jars and brushes instead of glue bottles just for a change of pace…

I always make plenty of extra shapes for a project like this. I never know how many “windows” or “wheels” a child will choose to add to his or her fire truck so I just keep extra paper handy in case we start to run low on shapes…

Once the children added their shapes to their fire truck, I invited them to use the black crayons to make rungs (or lines) for the ladder and a driver for the window…

Not every child chose to add rungs and people. This child decided to add a dog in his window which I thought was quite clever…

This was a very simple process since I didn’t have the children cut out their own shapes.  We will add cutting to the process at a later time.

Today, I just wanted the children to focus on choosing how they wanted to arrange and glue their construction paper shapes onto their rectangle to create a fire truck.


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