Measuring the short and long of it in preschool

Measuring the short and long of it in preschool

During circle time, these children explored the concept of longer and shorter…

The teacher selected two children at a time to go and select an object from the room and bring it back to the circle. The two objects were then placed side by side so the children could determine which was longer and which was shorter…

The teacher helped the children understand that when they compare the items to see which is longer and which is shorter, they needed to first make sure the two items were lined up at the bottom…

I noticed later, when the children played with blocks, that they carried over their learning as they also measured their blocks before building their tall towers. They are starting to understand that if the tower is going to stand, the blocks need to be equal on both sides or it will fall over…

Isn’t it exciting to see how concepts can be explored and reinforced through their play?

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