Green eggs and ham activity box in preschool

Green eggs and ham activity box in preschool

For pretend play and to extend the Dr. Seuss story “Green Eggs and Ham”, the children were supplied with foam cutouts to make their own green eggs and ham sandwiches…

The pink was for the ham, the green for the eggs, and I think the white is for the yolk, and the brown is for the bread. The children just put their sandwiches together anyway they wished!

The older children were better able to make the connection between the book “Green Eggs and Ham” and this activity. The younger children just like playing with all the pieces…

I also noticed that all the children, regardless of age, liked to have lots of pieces to work with. Although some of the children did play in this center together, it seemed they were having just a bit of trouble sharing. They seemed to enjoy this activity most if they had the entire set of foam pieces all to themselves.

They liked stacking the pieces to make a very tall sandwich!

This little girl decided that she needed to cook her sandwiches so she flipped over the basket and had a nice stove top to work with…

After this little girl finished her sandwiches, she shared one with me and we both pretended to eat them up! Be sure to check out our real green eggs (and ham) too!

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