We painted with cranberries in preschool

We painted with cranberries in preschool

I enjoyed reading the idea of painting with cranberries from Little Wonder Days and shared the idea with some of our teachers.

The children started by squishing up a bunch of cranberries we got from the grocery store. Then the cranberries, along with the juice, was set out in bowls with paint brushes. I didn’t take a picture of the bowl until after the children were almost done painting but as you can see, there is both some juice and the cranberries in the bowl.

The added touch of leaving the cranberries seeds added some wonderful texture in their painting experience…

The children enjoyed the texture, color, and the smell of the cranberry paint…

They also enjoyed trying to smash the cranberries up with their paint brushes each time they dipped the brushes in the bowl…

This really was a great art and sensory experience for the children and it went along nicely with our unit on holiday treats and food.

Try making some cranberry bread!

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  • Cheryl Golangco Posted November 18, 2010 4:04 pm

    Yum! I can just imagine the kids trying to taste their art works! 🙂

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