Take time to let twos tumble in preschool

Take time to let twos tumble in preschool

Young children have a need to get their energy out. They will do it in all kinds of ways – some of which you, as a teacher, may like and some you may not like!

Keeping in mind that children have a need to get out all that energy out – it is up to you to find constructive ways for them to get their energy out. I think this is why I was very excited when I walked into our large motor room and found that this teacher had taken the initiative to set up an entire tumbling experience for her twos class.

The twos were loving it. They were climbing, jumping, crawling, and rolling….

There were a few close calls along the way of one child jumping on top of another child but the teacher was right there giving guidance to the children and reminding them to wait until their friends are out of the way before they jump.

Once the children began to lose interest in the current layout of the mats, the teacher invited the children to help her rearrange the mats to create a tunnel.

This added a few more minutes of fun to the whole idea. I loved how the teacher stayed engaged in the play. She gave the children room to tumble as they liked but also spent time helping the children think of how to play safely.

In the process of planning your day, make sure you are giving attention to the need for children to get physical. They need the large motor experience just as much as they need all other aspects of the program you provide.  There are many ways to keep it constructive but don’t over do the structure – use their interest and ability as a guide and let your preschoolers invest time in physical (large motor) play!

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  • Tessie Posted November 7, 2010 1:03 am

    I agree with this. When I was planning my days for my small preschool last year, it was during the winter time and it was very very cold outside. I had to figure out ways for the children to use up their pent up energy. I actually thought it was awesome to use the wii sports games. It taught them to take turns and to cheer their friends on. Also Song time was song and dance time and we did many songs that involved them getting up and learning a dance. The favorite was the Chicken Dance!

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