Rainbow tracing in preschool

Rainbow tracing is a simple technique for helping children work on their fine motor skills, eye-hand coordination, and beginning writing skills.

The technique is fairly simple. You give each child at least three different colors of crayons and a shape, number or letter to trace.

The children begin by tracing the shape with their finger.

Then the children use one color of crayon and trace the shape. Then the children use the second color to trace it again. Then they use the third color to trace the shape one more time.

To make these types of letters and numbers,  I use a font titled: “ABC Print Dotted” by Fonts4Teachers.  To make shapes, I just use my drawing tools in Microsoft Word and choose a dotted line.

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  1. We’ve been working on the letters in my son’s name. He loves to trace (with help). I’m so excited that I can make my own and personalize them for him. Thanks so much for the idea.

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