We made friendly Halloween ghosts in preschool

We made friendly Halloween ghosts in preschool

There are so many different symbols that represent Halloween that are fun to make. I like to keep everything as friendly as possible in the process of letting children have fun with Halloween.

The children in the kindergarten class started out by tracing a ghost shape onto black construction paper then they cut the ghost shapes out.

Next, the children took cotton balls and pulled the fibers apart to spread the cotton balls out a bit.

Then they added some glue to the black ghost shape and began placing their cotton balls on the glue…

After the children covered their ghosts with the white cotton balls, they added black construction paper eyes and a mouth…

Some of the children put the eyes on the cotton balls….

Many of the children were distracted by the cotton fibers that were getting stuck to their fingers. Part of what children are discovering when working with any art medium or supplies is how to successfully work with the materials they are given.

This will make for a fun friendly ghost display…

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