We explored our five senses in preschool: taste

We explored our five senses in preschool: taste

This past week the children explored their sense of touchtastesmellsight, and hearing. Let me show you what the children found in the “sense of taste” discovery center…

The children tasted different kinds of fruit such as apples, pears, oranges, peaches, and we also tried pickles.

Some of the children flat refused to taste a pickle. They thought that the pickles would be sour but we had bread and butter pickles. The children who did taste the pickles didn’t quite know what to think of this unusual flavor.

A new fruit was tasted each day and the children placed a mark on the yes-no chart each day to show if they liked the fruit or not.

The teacher also played a guessing game with the children. The children closed their eyes and then used their sense of smell or taste to guess the name of each piece of fruit. Of course, all the children peaked first:)

The children also described the different tastes with words such as sour and sweet.

See this fruit guessing game by House of Baby Piranha!

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  • amandab Posted October 1, 2010 4:13 am

    I should do this with Princess in summer when more fruits become available. She is a great fruit lover, and an unusual eater in terms of being 4 as she has cornichons and blue cheese for lunch everyday, as well as pickeld onions and salami 🙂

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