We made dinosaur feet in preschool

We made dinosaur feet in preschool

This week, the fours class focused on the letter ‘D’. The children explored dinosaurs as part of the letter ‘D’ experience.

To make dinosaur feet, the children started off by tracing and cutting out the shape of their own feet from a sheet of green construction paper…

Next, the children glued their foot-shapes to a larger sheet of manila paper.

My sample below shows brown construction paper triangles but the children added triangular shaped claws to each foot cut from sand paper. The sand paper gave the dinosaur feet some texture and a little grit!

Once the claws were added, then children were invited to create a dinosaur name. My dinosaur name is deborahsaurusrex!

Here are a few of the dinosaur feet the children made.

Some of the children didn’t quite grasp the dinosaur naming part:)

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  • maggy, red ted art Posted September 20, 2010 8:10 am

    These are so simple and yet so adorable! Love them!


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