These preschoolers are up to something fishy!

These preschoolers are up to something fishy!

This week has been all about the wonderful creatures who live in the pond. The children have been exploring fish, turtles, and frogs. Today, the children created some bright and colorful fish!

The teacher set out the fish, colorful scraps of construction paper, and glue for each child.

Then the teacher explained the process to the entire group of children so they will understand what they are to do when they go to the tables.

The children started by printing their own name on one side of the fish….

Then they drew a fish face on the other side of the fish…

Next the children tore the colorful construction paper into tiny shapes and pieces…

Then added some glue and put the colorful construction paper pieces on their fish shape…

They repeated the process until they added all the colors they desired and had a pretty decorated fish!

I always enjoy observing children as they are engaged in activities. I like to observe by watching and listening…


Do you take the time to observe your preschoolers as they work and play? Taking the time to observe will teach you about what your preschoolers understand, enjoy, and what they are ready to next. Observations will help you know how to manage your time and your planning. I am not talking about formal observations with a clipboard and pen. Instead, I am talking about taking a minute just to listen to conversations and notice what the children can do and like to do. Through observation, you will be better able to adapt your teaching style and practices to meet the needs of each of your students.

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