A super cool and unique idea for yarn painting

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I really do think this version of yarn painting in preschool is unique and is the coolest!

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Yarning up letters!

A great tactile way to review the alphabet is by making yarn letters!

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String art for preschool

We brought some creative art into our recent exploration of measurement and length with string art!

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DIY sewing frame for preschoolers

Working on our sewing skills with our DIY sewing frame and some yarn in preschool!

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DIY yarn machine in preschool

This is a simple way I use for children to get their own yarn and to help keep the yarn organized in the process….. I call this my yarn machine. It is very basic – you just drop a ball of yarn (make sure it is a ball) in a tissue box then thread one end […]

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Making horses in preschool with sticks and yarn

The past week the children at preschool have been exploring animals on the farm. In one of the activity boxes were craft sticks and some strips of yarn… It wasn’t obvious to the children how these materials could be used to make farm animals so I sat at a table and made my own horse. […]

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Y is for yarn in preschool

Preschoolers are unpredictable when it comes to what they will find interesting and how they will play with the different items we put in the activity boxes. I found this adorable idea of making yarn designs on sandpaper by Polwig and decided to turn this idea into one of our activity boxes… We placed sandpaper […]

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Threading yarn with preschoolers

This is just a short tip for you to tuck away the next time your preschoolers are threading yarn. Start by taping the end of your string or yarn to the table so it doesn’t slide around. This will keep the items you are threading from sliding off the end! Put a long, thin strip […]

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