Who cares about the weather?

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As the weather changes, it is a good time to naturally promote conversations and ideas that lead us to explore the weather in the preschool classroom.

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Ice gems

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Exploring beautiful ice gems in preschool…

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Waking up our bears

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We are waking our bears after a long winter’s sleep. Come and see our celebration of our hibernation in preschool!

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Tucking our bears in for a long winter’s sleep

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We are making caves for our bears to hibernate in all winter long.

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Time to hibernate

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We are stuffing bears and putting them down for a long winter’s nap for a lesson on hibernation.

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Two second snow science

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This simple winter science is just one example of keeping busy during the cold arctic days of a winter blast here in the midwest!

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Let’s play color ice hockey

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The weather here is like one giant deep freeze outside which means it is a good time to explore ice like this fun and simple Color Ice Hockey game!

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Making our mark in the snow

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We are always looking for new and interesting ways to explore snow in our classroom. This one really hits the mark!

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More ways to celebrate winter

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We are highlighting some of the best winter posts shared in the latest Discover and Explore linky!

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Gingerbread man playhouse

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Gingerbread is such a fun theme to explore during the winter time.  There are so many fun books to share with the children and of course, there are the gingerbread cookies and gingerbread houses… To kick off our Gingerbread unit, we read the story “The Gingerbread Loose in the School” by Laura Murray. This is […]

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After christmas for the birds

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Perhaps you are one of the many who are in the process of taking down the Christmas tree. Well don’t be too quick to think Christmas has to be completely over yet!

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Marvelous mittens

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The Mitten is one of our favorite winter stories to share with our preschool children. Today I’m sharing a few activities to go along with the book.

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More indoor large motor play: Fun Friday features

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More indoor large motor activities shared by our blogging friends on the Discover and Explore linky.

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Let it snow

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Winter has come early for us and we are embracing the snow with fun indoor and outdoor activities!

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10 simple snowman activities

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As winter draws near, it is a good idea to begin planning for colder weather activities. We have 10 fun and simple snowmen activities to share.

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Winter time large motor play for the preschool classroom

In the winter time, we have a lot of requests for indoor games and large motor activities.  While we try to get outdoors, even for a small amount of time each and everyday, Midwest winters can be frigid forcing our time outside to be limited.  For that reason, we’ve compiled a list of our favorite […]

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