DIY: Window easel for preschool

As I have mentioned before, I have been setting up my outdoor classroom and so far my husband has made the biggest difference by making me the sensory table and the tinker table. With the left over wood, he also made me this wonderful window easel... The window easel may also be called a sensory window.  The window easel is 4 feet tall from floor to top and 4 feet wide. The actual window part [...]

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Wonderful windows in preschool

There is something about having windows in a preschool environment. In almost every classroom I go into, I find a child looking out the window... I sometimes notice that teachers cover their windows with lots of artwork which can be quite beautiful but I recommend that where possible, you keep most of the window free for children to still be able to see out... Or the sun to shine in... I like to set up [...]

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