10 Wonderful ways to weave

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We are featuring 10 wonderfully simple and unique ways to weave with children!

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Beautiful butterfly fold-overs

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Our children love to create fold-over paintings. So it was no surprise that they all really enjoyed making these beautiful butterfly fold-overs to decorate our classroom.

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Weaving through a rainbow

Using our whole bodies to weave through this beautiful rainbow made by our preschool students.

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Upside down, wacky weaving

Reading Dr. Seuss “Wacky Wednesday” and exploring wacky weaving in the preschool classroom.

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We explored mitten weaving in preschool

Exploring the process of mitten weaving and extending our understanding of where mittens come from.

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Wonderful weaving tool and process for preschool

A new find at the Dollar store led to a wonderful weaving process for preschoolers.

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Ribbon weaving and painting in preschool

Ribbon weaving and painting is great for anytime of the year!

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Very busy making spider webs in preschool

We were busy little spiders today as we spent our day exploring spiders and weaving our very own spider webs in preschool!

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Preschool pizza box games

Making games from pizza boxes for my preschool students to explore!

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