Rainy day chalk drawings in preschool

Today the children were exploring rain and the goal was to make a rainy day picture with chalk... First they were to create a picture with the chalk and then sprinkle some water, like rain, on top of the chalk drawing... The children were interested in making the rain but they were not grasping how the rain (water) made any difference on the chalk. Part of the reason was because they hadn't used enough of [...]

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Mixing colored water in preschool

This week has been all about colors. We have been reviewing all of our colors and having fun with a little color mixing and colorful cotton ball painting in the process.  Today the children spent time exploring and mixing colored water and I got to help out! To start, we simply put a few drops of food color in the foil cupcake pans or in our cups and then the children added their own water. [...]

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