Water play

One-inch water play

One Inch Water Play

I rarely meet a preschool age child that doesn’t enjoy water play. Although any kind of water play ultimately leads to wet kids, the benefits of water play far outweigh the hassle of mopping up wet floors or changing out wet clothing…

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Aquariums on the discovery table

Aquarium on the Discovery Table

I gathered items that would be used in a fish aquarium a set them out as an invitation to play on the discovery table!

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Colored water play in preschool

Colored Water Mixing

Exploring the process of mixing colors with this very intriguing and open ended water play station!

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Making simple boats that float

sail boats

For our exploration in boats, we read the book Little Tug by Steven Savage and then the children were invited to make two different types of boats.

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Stirring up alphabet sensory soup

As a review of the letters and their sounds, the children stirred up some alphabet soup.

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Gummy worm science

Yesterday, I shared with you how we used live worms to create a worm farm. Today, I’d like to tell you about our gummy worm science.

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National dental health month: Let’s brush our teeth!

Our students enjoyed National Dental Day through two super fun hands-on tooth brushing centers and a visit from the dentist!

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Cotton ball science in preschool

Exploring the wonderful world of cotton balls with this simple scientific cotton ball activity in preschool!

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The exploration of smell

Exploring our sense of smell through this engaging water transfer experience.

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Pppppp is for pumpkin painting, pouring, pounding, and playdough play

Exploring pumpkins through all kinds of play in our outdoor classroom!

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Little peas all around the classroom | Virtual Book Club for Kids

Exploring peas all around the classroom and the wonderful book “Little Pea” by Amy Krouse Rosenthal!

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Squeezable and colorful water play

Exploring squeezable colored water play fun in preschool!

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The wonderful world of water bead play

All you want to know about exploring waterbeads in the preschool classroom….

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At play with baby: water tub play

There are so many types of toddler development going on with time spent in a little water play!

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A day of exploring carrots

Exploring the classic children’s book “The Carrot Seed” by Ruth Krauss through all content areas of the classroom….

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A duck, a goose, and an egg

Having fun with rubber ducks after reading the fun children’s book “Duck and Goose” by Tad Hills!

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