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The Crayola Corner

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Providing lots of opportunity for children to explore drawing, writing, coloring, and painting in your classroom means gathering up supplies to keep available in your classroom. Come on over and enter to win the Back To School Crayola Corner Give-Away!

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Color mixing

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A simple, yet engaging color mixing activity for preschoolers…

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Explore and discover bubbles in a bowl science

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Today’s explore and discovery linky is all about science! I can’t tell you how much we enjoyed this simple science process with bubbles and water color!

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Make and explore watercolor science

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Our preschool class explored the process of making their own watercolor paint plus a simple paper towel science too!

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Our names in watercolor

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A child’s name is very special and this simple watercolor activity turned out to be a fun and colorful way for our students to focus on the letters in their name.

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String art for preschool

We brought some creative art into our recent exploration of measurement and length with string art!

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