Exploring cornucopias

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Holidays present the opportunity to introduce new words and ideas in our classroom. This Thanksgiving, we introduced cornucopias.

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Little peas all around the classroom | Virtual Book Club for Kids

Exploring peas all around the classroom and the wonderful book “Little Pea” by Amy Krouse Rosenthal!

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A little taste of science in the preschool classroom

Scientific discoveries made as we explore fruits and vegetables in the preschool classroom.

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More healthy foods in preschool: veggie pizza

One way we have been exploring healthy foods in preschool is by making different kinds of pizza. Today we made veggie pizzas. For our veggie pizzas, the children dipped red, green, and yellow peppers into red, green, and yellow paint… Then they pressed the painted peppers on a construction paper triangle (pizza) shapes… Perhaps for […]

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Exploring carrots for healthy food week in preschool!

We started our Healthy Food week by exploring vegetables. We made simple carrots!

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Peas in a pod your preschooler can make

Living in farm country, we learn lots about vegetables that grow in the garden. Where possible, I try to bring in vegetables from the garden like snap peas so the children can explore and snap away. At school, I came across this entry for our State Fair Vegetable Craft contest…. To make a pea pod […]

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