A not so perfect preschool teacher’s valentine poem

As a preschool teacher I am not always perfectly great... I sometimes plan things to do That are not considered age appropriate... And sometimes I spend too much time planning for every minute of the day... Instead of giving my students more time To learn through their play... And sometimes I talk too much When I really should stop and listen... And sometimes I get too busy Instead of giving the kids my attention... But [...]

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Last minute valentine collage for prekindergarten

I titled this for prekindergarten but any child that has the fine motor skills to do this activity will be able to whip it up fairly quickly.  All you need is some construction paper strips to make the hearts and some glue if you want to put the hearts on a piece of paper to make a collage of hearts. I was literally just sitting here reading through all the new blog posts that are [...]

Valentine mailboxes and magnets for preschool play

I started collecting these little red and white mailboxes from the dollar section at Target sometime in January. I thought they would make terrific additions to our February valentine work boxes... To provide a variety of different learning opportunities and types of play, I included magnetic numbers because the mailboxes are magnetic and it would be a fun way to add address numbers to our boxes... Also included are paper and markers to write addresses [...]

Deborah in the news

I have been enjoying the opportunity to present some simple information on our local news station. On today's segment, I came prepared to introduce several ideas that young children can explore for Valentine's day. If you are viewing this by email, you may need to come to the blog to see the short news clip! The valentine activities I brought to share were included my most recent posts... Save your valentine candy boxes for preschool [...]

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DIY valentine boxes and cards for preschool

This is a really cool and simple valentine box and matching valentine cards you can make with your preschooler. Start off with a sheet of poster board and fold it in half - long edge to long edge... Now open it back up and fold the long edges into the center leaving four creases lengthwise in your board... Now fold the poster board into thirds from the short edge. See below... When you open the [...]

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