Valentine’s Day

Hearts at the easel

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Of all the painting experiences I share with my students, the one they most enjoy is anything that has to do with painting at the easel.

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Heart math : Five simple math ideas for preschoolers

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Here are five simple heart math ideas our prek students explored this week.

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Hugs and kisses tic-tac-toe

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You won’t find a game sweeter than our hugs and kisses tic tac toe!

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Patterning with hugs and kisses

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We recently introduced the letter Kk, and with Valentine’s day coming soon, we thought it was most appropriate to explore hugs and KISSES.

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100 Acts of kindness | Share a heartprint

Come and see this simple idea for young children to be kind and share kindness with a heartprint!

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Printmaking with paper hearts

Valentine’s day themed art can be as simple as printmaking with paper hearts. With just a few materials that are readily found around your home or classroom, your children can create beautiful heart-shaped prints.

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Valentine lacing cards

Lacing cards are a fun and simple way to build fine motors in preschool-aged children, especially when they are holiday themed.

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Hearts you can count on

Hearts are a wonderful shape for sorting, graphing, counting, estimating, and more! Come and see how we put our hearts and minds to work as we explored a little heart math fun!

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Happy Valentine’s Day and the winner of the craft puzzles is…

Happy Valentines from Teach Preschool! Announcing the winner of the Craft Puzzle on this post too!

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Making tissue paper heart collages in preschool

Using our glue paint to make beautiful tissue paper heart collages..

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Making valentine critters in preschool

We made some super sweet valentine critter collages in preschool…

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I love you to pieces heart project

Our Valentine Parent Gifts: Come and see what we made for Valentines and while your here, be sure to enter the giveaway too!

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Getting ready for a valentine’s day party

Getting ready for Valentine’s Day by making our Valentine’s day party bags…

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Pretty purple paper towel heart art…

Exploring paper towel heart art both on my own and in the preschool classroom…

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Making a 3D paper heart collage in preschool

Our pre-K class made beautiful 3D heart collages from bright and colorful strips of construction paper!

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The heart project: a hearts and craft collaborative ebook

Check out the heart project: a collaboration of over 70 bloggers and a compilation of 100+ heart activities for kids…

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