Making lid soup at home with a two year old

I had a surprise visit from little Wy this week and we needed something to do so I set out the little table and chairs I keep in my office and a basket of dishes for us to play with... Wy set out all the dishes and that is when I realized that we need something more to do than just set a table so I pulled out my plastic jar where I have been [...]

Painting with Indian corn in preschool

The two year olds were enjoying this simple fall painting experience... Paper plates filled with yellow, orange, and green paint were set out... The children rolled the corn cobs in the paint... Then they rolled the painted corn on a piece of paper... The children in this class do a lot of painting. I think this is partly why they are so comfortable getting paint all over their hands... They took their time to paint, [...]

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We made a circle collage in preschool

Our two and three year olds were focusing on the shape of a circle this week and one of their activities was to make a circle collage! Each of the children were given a round paper plate because of its circular shape to use as the canvas for their circle collage. The teacher had precut circles from a variety of materials including newspaper, tissue paper, and construction paper. The children selected circles from the table, [...]

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Twos at the easel in preschool

In this twos classroom, easel painting is part of the daily routine. The children know how to get their own paint smock, slip it over their head, and then they head over to an open easel where paint, brushes, and paper is ready and waiting for them. Some days they paint on short paper and other days they paint on large sheets of easel paper. The teachers change the kind of paper routinely. As the [...]

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