My busy book: Crayons

If you are planning a road trip or just need to keep a preschooler busy - try making a Busy Book! This busy book is My Crayon Busy Book... To make the Crayon Busy Book you will need 3-ring binder, some crayons, some paper, and sticky-back velcro. I used the velcro to attach the crayons to the inside cover of the 3-ring binder. This makes it easier to keep track of crayons so they don't [...]

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Make spring break travel with preschoolers fun and educational!

For those of you heading out on a long trip during spring break, I will  be sharing a few simple travel tips for parents of preschoolers today = Thursday - March 17, 2011 on Indiana's  Fox Morning News - Channel 59 at 9:15am EST... I will be sure to share the video of the news segment along with "My Busy Books" as soon as the video is ready... I will also be sharing these "I [...]

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