Building trucks with simple materials in preschool

When our curriculum coordinator, Mrs. Fisher, showed me the items she had planned for this transportation activity box, she was worried that the children might not really like it. I love the unpredictability of children... Mrs. Fisher put some cards with simple shaped trucks printed on each card in the activity box with some straws and lids... The activity box stayed out all week long and all week long, I found children designing their trucks... [...]

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Who is really teaching preschool?

Today, I happened by this class to see what was up and while there, I discovered the real teacher hard at work play. This young teacher (a Pre-K student) was holding a set of cards that had been made for the transportation activity box. Each card had a different color of car on the front along with another set of cards with color words on them... The "teacher" held up each color word card and [...]

Take a little car painting spin on this preschool highway

Add a little extra mileage onto car painting with this little transportation preschool activity... We will be doing something like this is our school in a few weeks so you get a sneak preview! Gather up some black construction paper, white paint (or white chalk might work), scissors, and glue. Invite the children to cut the black construction paper into squares and rectangles for the road. Then dab a little white paint down the center [...]

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